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Nycote Joins the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA)

Nycote® Laboratories Corporation recently joined the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) to partner more effectively with OEMs and MROs and better supply its advanced anti-corrosion coating technology throughout the aerospace industry.

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Nycote® Laboratories Corporation Expands Distribution into India as the Aviation Industry Continues to Grow at an Unprecedented Rate

Now Available in India Exclusively through Pexa Aerospace Materials Private Limited is Nycote’s Advanced Coating Technology delivering the World’s Only Aerospace & Major OEM Approved, Clear, Lightweight Liquid Nylon Coating that Provides Superior Protection Against Corrosion

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Compare Clear Liquid Nylon Epoxy Polymers and Industrial Coatings

Industries ranging from aerospace to transportation make use of industrial coatings to reduce the vulnerability of their equipment from a wide range of threats including corrosion, microbial growth, conductivity, and extreme temperatures.

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Nycote selects Pexa as its European distributor

Nycote signed an exclusive distributor agreement with  Pexa , a specialist distributor, for its high-technology surface coatings with the objective of enhancing safety and reducing maintenance costs for major aerospace providers around the globe.
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Nycote 711 and Nycote 88 stand up to ASTM B117-11 Salt Fog testing

Nycote 711  and  Nycote 88  stand up against the rigors of ASTM B117-11 Salt/Fog testing. 168 hours of exposure in a sealed chamber and still protective.
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