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Protecting Electrical Bonding Points with Nycote

How do Nycote® coatings keep you safe when you fly?

Have you ever wondered what is underneath the skin of an aircraft?  Most people don’t give it a second thought as they’re flying along, but if you could see it you’d find a labyrinth of electrical wiring, wire harnesses, tubing and fasteners.  On an aircraft critical applications require protection from heat, moisture, dust, dirt and solvents.

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Antimicrobial Solutions in Aerospace: What's it really mean?

What’s new in the industry?

Antimicrobial everything! We’re seeing the terms “antimicrobial,” pop up all over the aerospace industry as we enter our new post-COVID reality.  Is it just a buzzword?  No!  We all want to know that airlines are doing everything they can to protect us, the commuters, and now antimicrobial solutions have become a part of that.  Let’s unpack the term.

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LOS ANGELES, CA (APRIL 6, 2020) – Nycote® Laboratories Corporation, a global leader in anti-corrosion technology for the aerospace and automotive industries, announced today the appointment of Andrew Larsen to a newly created position overseeing business development, technical sales and communications. The announcement was made by President and Chief Operating Officer Marcie Simpson.

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Nycote Celebrates its 60th Year

As Nycote celebrates its 60th year of manufacturing Nycote coatings, we look back through our company’s history to see how far we’ve come.

“It’s impossible to know where you’re going if you don’t understand where you came from,” says Marcie W. Simpson, President & COO Nycote Laboratories Corporation.

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Nycote Joins the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA)

Nycote® Laboratories Corporation recently joined the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) to partner more effectively with OEMs and MROs and better supply its advanced anti-corrosion coating technology throughout the aerospace industry.

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Nycote® Laboratories Corporation Expands Distribution into India as the Aviation Industry Continues to Grow at an Unprecedented Rate

Now Available in India Exclusively through Pexa Aerospace Materials Private Limited is Nycote’s Advanced Coating Technology delivering the World’s Only Aerospace & Major OEM Approved, Clear, Lightweight Liquid Nylon Coating that Provides Superior Protection Against Corrosion

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Compare Clear Liquid Nylon Epoxy Polymers and Industrial Coatings

Industries ranging from aerospace to transportation make use of industrial coatings to reduce the vulnerability of their equipment from a wide range of threats including corrosion, microbial growth, conductivity, and extreme temperatures.

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Nycote selects Pexa as its European distributor

Nycote signed an exclusive distributor agreement with  Pexa , a specialist distributor, for its high-technology surface coatings with the objective of enhancing safety and reducing maintenance costs for major aerospace providers around the globe.
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Corrosion Prevention for Renewable Energy Structures and Equipment


Did you know?  Nycote Protective Coatings   are the right choice for the renewable energy industry.  Our uniquely designed, and optimized highly cross-linked copolymer  coatings  protect metals, composites and textiles from corrosion and conductivity.

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